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Estate Planning - Capacity Challenges

Copyright 2006 Ronald Hudkins Wills and trusts have an interesting history in a culture as heavily influenced by British common law as our own. The bequests of wills have been the pole star around which a great deal of mystery fiction has been written where furtive and anxious relatives wait around a long imposing table to hear what is to become of the family fortune and thus; what is to become of them. As usual, fiction and the media give one side of what something has been or is, while the ........ Read More

Estate Planning - Protecting Your Furred Friend

Copyright 2006 Ronald Hudkins The whole concept of estate planning has a couple of primary aims: 1) making sure that your assets are distributed where and how you want them to be, and 2) ensuring that your loved ones are cared for and able to comfortably live out their lives after you are gone. If you consider your pets as part of your property, to whom do you leave them – and the obvious answer is to someone who won’t immediately haul them to the nearest shelter and drop them off. Provid........ Read More

Your Will Is The Core Of Estate Planning

An estate plan is a legal system for the disposal of your property upon your death. It recognizes your wishes, such as those regarding the care of minors, and it legally minimizes taxes. It can take into account your views regarding future medical care; for example, it may state you have no wish to have your life sustained by a life support machine. Estate planning may or may not involve tax planning. The single most important document associated with estate planning is a will. If you own pro........ Read More

Using Our Legal Rights For Estate Planning

“I know my rights!” That is one of those phrases we all like to have in our arsenal if we get into a struggle, particularly with the government or a financial institution. But another phrase that is just as appropriate, especially when it comes to the rights that the legal system gives us is, “Use it or lose it.” As much as we malign lawyers and hold the government up for ridicule, there are a lot of laws on the books that are here to protect ordinary citizens like you and I. The........ Read More

Offshore Trust - Effective Estate Planning, You Decide

Copyright 2006 Ronald Hudkins The creation of offshore trusts and other financial plans is a way of shielding your assets from the laws of the nation in which you reside. It can sometimes be used to remove one of the two certainties of life; taxes. Americans are far less likely than the citizens of other countries to put assets abroad because, although when you receive the benefits of being free of your country’s laws regarding assets (namely taxation) you also lose the aspect of those laws........ Read More

Estate Planning - Rules And Trustees

Copyright 2006 Ronald Hudkins If you are wisely attempting to put some assets into a trust (inter vivos) in your lifetime, then you have been paying attention to the important differences between wills and trusts. A trust created during your life will be far more secure with respect to its ability to withstand challenges to how your assets are to be distributed during estate planning than a will. Making a trust is a brave thing to do, because it telegraphs, to a certain extent, what you are g........ Read More

The Basics Of Estate Planning

Estate Planning may be a word that is encountered by many citizens especially the elderly. What is Estate Planning? What benefits does it provide to people? Estate Planning is a method of arranging and considering alternatives that will satisfy specific wishes and goals to prepare for things that may happen to a person and the people he finds special to him. Estate Planning includes organizing properties and not just putting them in a simple Will. It also lessens the taxes and fees that may po........ Read More

Estate Planning - Changing A Will

Copyright 2006 Ronald Hudkins “I am taking you out of the will,” or “I am going to disinherit Gregory and leave all my money to Steven,” are statements that seem far more like they belong in an Agatha Christie novel than in a serious discussion of estate planning. Although the world is not filled with conniving relations who maneuver endlessly to gain the favor of a truly despicable older family matron or patron who uses their wealth to control them all until it culminates in murder mo........ Read More

Estate Planning

Estate planning involves distributing your assets after death to such people or causes according to your wish with minimum legal complications and the least tax incidence. And estate planning is not just for the wealthy; nor is it something to be contemplated when you reach the ripe old age of eighty. Anybody, irrespective of age, with considerable assets and the desire to provide for dear ones even after death would be doing a great service by planning one’s estate. And the best time to pl........ Read More

Estate Planning - What About Life Insurance?

Copyright 2006 Ronald Hudkins Not too many years ago life insurance was considered to be the indispensable platform upon which all other estate planning efforts should be based. In fact, for those in the median and lower income ranges, it was often the only recognized method for protecting one’s heirs, particularly in the event of untimely death. However, over the past twenty or so years, the concept of financial planning has changed considerably. The proliferation of varied retirement pla........ Read More

Estate Planning - The Life Estate

Copyright 2006 Ronald Hudkins The life estate is something every first year law student learns about when they study the arcane and often bizarre history of property law that harkens back to the days of English knights, lords and serfs, and the transfer of property through the ceremonial throwing of dirt clods with oaths of duty to accompany. The life estate is about as old as they come as instruments of wealth transfer go and students love it, because it is relatively easy to understand. Apa........ Read More

Estate Planning - Undue Influence Considerations

Copyright 2006 Ronald Hudkins Often during the final years of a dear friend’s or relative’s life some person or persons will take over the task of caring for their sick and elderly friend or relative to a greater degree than the other people in their lives. This is sometimes due to sheer geography where the aged or sick person lives nearer to one set of relatives than to another. In addition, some relatives or friends may be better suited to dealing with the realities of sickness, age and........ Read More

Estate Planning - No Contest Clause In Your Will

Copyright 2006 Ronald Hudkins There is value in the story of an older client who had seen a very interesting clause employed in a will. There was a great deal of money at stake and the many family members had little reason to love each other, because they had never met and never knew of each other’s existence. It was expected that the will would be heavily contested on several different fronts in every conceivable way. The testator realized that a truly lengthy contest would result with t........ Read More

7 Common Mistakes Of Estate Planning

Even though planning your estate isn’t an enjoyable job it’s necessary so that you can efficiently and successfully transfer all of your assets to those you leave behind. With a bit of careful planning, your heirs can avoid having to pay estate taxes and federal taxes on your assets. As well, a well planned estate avoids confusion for your loved ones. Still, with all the advantages of estate planning, many people make a great many mistakes in the process. The most common mistake when ........ Read More

Life Insurance For Estate Planning

There are many reasons to put together an estate. One of the main reasons for those who already have grown children is to ensure that their assets are divided and distributed equally among all the heirs. Adding a life insurance policy to your estate planning can help in a variety of ways. What to Know First One huge myth in purchasing a life insurance policy is that the best thing to do is to name your estate as the beneficiary of your life insurance benefit. This is not wise. If you list ........ Read More


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